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ABBA Mp3 Karoke – Resurrecting the Legend

Posted in ABBA MP3 Music on October 25th, 2007

Although the Swedish pop Supergroup ABBA dominated the European and Australian pop charts in the late 1970s and early 1980s, their days in the sun were long over Internet, PCs, and Mp3 technology were still the stuff of science fiction. So ABBA Mp3 karoke downloads would have to wait for the 1998 advent of Winamp, the original free music player, when web-linked music lovers around the globe took it upon themselves to set MP3 download sites, and start passing on copyrighted music at no charge.

In less than a year, Napster had appeared, and will go down in history as the most notorious of all the Mp3 software applications. Napster gave any music fanatic with the inclination to do so a way of locating and downloading almost any music floating around in cyberspace. Not only that, with its peer-to-peer, or P2P capability, Napster allowed its users to link their PC hard drives and share the music they had downloaded, creating a kudzu like effect among Internet music lovers which soon spanned the globe.

Because a large percentage of those music lovers were also performer wannabes, it was a natural progression for them to use the music they had downloaded as a basis for their forays into the karoke craze which had also spread outward from Japan during the 1980s. As the craze spread to more and more nightclubs and bars, having both the latest hits and rock classic tracks available to be transformed from vocals to instrumentals was a great money saver. Among the most popular songs for this purpose were ABBA Mp3 karoke downloads.

The Karoke to Your favorite ABBA Songs album was released in 2005. It contained the background tracks for 18 of ABBA’s best-known songs, including Dancing Queen, Fernando, Waterloo, and Take a Chance on Me, and is now available either as an ABBA Mp3 karoke album, or as separate tracks.

Interest in ABBA’s music is almost certain to experience a revival in 2008, with the release of the movie Mama Mia! starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. The original Mama Mia was a stage play, a collaborative effort between ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, and British playwright Catherine Johnson. It managed to weave together twenty-two of ABBA’s biggest hit singles into a single plot, and while the critics were not convinced, Mama Mia! was an enormous audience favorite.

The remarkable singability of ABBA’s music, which accounts for the popularity of ABBA Mp3 karoke downloads, had the theatergoers warbling all the way home, and Mama Mia! lasted for over two thousand performances on Broadway. Even though they disbanded long before the Age of Mp3, ABBA clearly found the secret to creating music with a remarkably wide appeal, and their songs are tunes you just can’t get out of your head. But then again, you don’t really want to!

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ABBA Biography Part 2

Posted in ABBA History on October 22nd, 2007

Bjorn Ulvaeus was born in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, in April of 1945, but by the age of eleven was living in the village of Vastervik on its eastern coast, where he was soon playing guitar and singing with a skiffle group. He moved on to a dance band which featured Dixieland music, and was so taken their folk music arrangements that he and some of his classmates began a folk group known as the Hootenanny Singers in 1963.

His group was able to capitalize on the folk music craze then sweeping the US, and when they showed up in a talent competition sponsored by Sweden’s television and radio stations, they were a smash. In 1966, during his third year with the Hootenanny Singers, Bjorn crossed paths with Benny, and by 1969, they had begun collaboration as songwriters which has continued to this day. It was in 1969 that Bjorn met Agnetha Faltskog, who had begun a successful recording career in 1967, and the two were married in 1971.

Agnetha was born in Jonkoping, Sweden, in April of 1950 and by the ripe old age o
f two had written her first song dedicated to two trolls. By 1966 she was a vocalist with Bernt Enghardts, a dance band, and in 1967 had a number one hit in Sweden with the recording of I Was So In Love, which she had composed for them. She continued her solo recording career until November on 1970, when she and Bjorn, along with Benny and Frida, began their cabaret show.

The four entertainers went for a while under the name of Bjorn and Benny, Agnetha and Anni Frid. As late as 1971, both Frida and Agnetha continued to record as solo artists, but all that changed in 1972, when Bjorn and Benny wrote two songs for the movie Ture Swenton and Agnetha was appearing as Mary Magdalene in the groundbreaking musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Frida’s recording contract had expired and she signed with Bjorn and Benny’s recording company, Polar Music.

By 1974, Bjorn and Benny, Agnetha and Anni Frid had so polished their act that they won the Eurovision Song Contest in Britain with their song Waterloo. The group had soon changed its name to ABBA, and the most popular pop group in Swedish history, and one of the most popular in all of pop music history, was born!

Before their time in the spotlight ended, ABBA had produced eight albums, a string of single hit records, and a movie over a span of eight years, during which each of the couples divorced, but stayed together as a group and even used some of their relationship struggles as material for some tracks on their 1979 album Voulez Vous. ABBA last appeared as a group in 1982.

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ABBA Biography Part 1

Posted in ABBA History on October 18th, 2007

Bjorn and Benny, Agnetha and Anni Frid. That’s how they were first known as a group, and quite the name it was. But that cumbersome title has long been forgotten, while their more familiar name. ABBA, will be remembered as long as there are popular music fans who remember what it was like to climb their Wall of Sound.

The only non-Swedish member of ABBA, Anni-Frid Lyngstad was born to Alfred Haase and Synni Lyngstad in the town of Ballangen, Norway, I November 1945. Anni’s father was a German soldier and when returning to his unit in Germany before Frida’s birth, is believed to have been lost at sea.

Synni died before Frida reached her second birthday, and Frida was raised by her Swedish grandmother in Torshalla, Sweden. By the time she was eleven, she had made her public singing debut at a Red Cross show and in less than two years was working with a dance band. She continued to perform as a band vocalist during her first marriage to Ragnar Frederikkson, with whom she had a son Hans and a daughter Lise-Lotte.

Frida was signed to an EMI records contract after winning a Stockholm competition in 1967, and while her recording career did not prosper, by 1970 she was part of a stage act with her eventual second husband, Benny Anderson, and another couple, Bjorn Ulvaeus and his girlfriend Agnetha Faltskog.

Benny Andersson, a Stockholm native born in 1946, was part of an accordion act with his grandfather Efram and father Gosta before he reached the age of seven, and his natural talent ant love of music ked hom to master the piano as well. Within a decade he was playing keyboards with the Swedish band the Hep Stars, who by 1965 were the country’s top selling pop band

Benny left the Hep Stars in 1969 and began to concentrate of writing and performing with Bjorn Ulvaeus, a member of Sweden’s Hootenanny Singers, whom he had met in 1966. It was in 1969 when he met Frida, and soon became engaged to her, although they did not actually wed until 1978. The tree of them and Agnetha then began performing the cabaret act which eventually evolved into ABBA,

Benny and Bjorn wrote the first ABBA song in 1972 and for the next decade ABBA was the focus of his life. Following the demise of ABBA, he and Bjorn created the smash musical Chess with British lyricist Tim Rice.


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ABBA – the History of a Rock Phenomenon Part 1

Posted in ABBA History on October 12th, 2007

When the musical film “Mama Mia,” based on the smash stage musical  built around twenty-four of  the 1970’s Swedish rock phenomenon ABBA’s best loved songs is released in 2008, it is sure to cause a huge revival of interest in their music. ABBA was a group whose legend has continued to grow more than a quarter of a century after they recorded their final song. They were so successful, in fact, that their music is still standard fare on the playlists of thousands of radio programming directors.

ABBA took their name from the first letters of the names of their members, Agnetha Falkstog, her boyfriend Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and his girlfriend Anni-Frida Lyngstad. All four of the members had started very early in life in the Swedish music industry, but it was not until 1970 that Ulvaeus and Anderson paired to produce their first album, Lycka.

They caught the attention of Stig Anderson, a Swedish record producer, who encouraged them to enter a song in the Eurovision Song Contest preliminaries, and in 1972, their entry Say It with a Song was accepted. The song, performed by Lena Anderson, placed third in the competition, was a tremendous success in Sweden, and started Bjorn and Benny experimenting with a new sound which emphasized the vocal talents of their girlfriends.

Their musical technique, which they termed The Wall of Sound, eventually won them first place in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with their song Waterloo, which took the British music charts, and those of most European countries, by storm. ABBA was invited on a European tour and showed up on many of the important television shows, and when Waterloo hit number six on the American charts, their album ABBA was also released in the US. But in spite of the success of their singles, the ABBA album found surprisingly little success with the American audience, possibly because there seemed to be no real effort to promote it.


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MP3 Music Downloads

Posted in ABBA MP3 Music on October 3rd, 2007

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